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Charitable Giving at John J. Jeffries.

"Think globally, act locally (... and globally!)."

John J. Jeffries takes this mantra seriously in both the way we conduct our day-to-day affairs as well as how we conduct our month-to-month giving campaigns, supporting charitable causes both local and global.

Through our day-to-day operations and our farm-to-table mission, John J. Jeffries supports local farmers and businesses that supply the restaurant with pastured and humanely raised livestock, organic produce, and high-quality goods and services. In the same way, the company's commitment of regular contributions to local charity serves to strengthen the health of the community as a whole. For local citizens in need, the restaurant participates in quarterly 10% dining givebacks for the Central PA Food Bank.

John J. Jeffries also takes a broader approach by making monthly donations to recommended global charities listed on The Life You Can Save website. As the company grows, so does the dollar amount that we pledge each month.

Another initiative at John J. Jeffries is its continuing commitment to "microloans" through the website. The company has provided over 200 loans to help farmers invest in supplies and to help women gain access to education in impoverished communities across the globe. When these loans are repaid, the funds roll over into new loans for similar individuals working toward a brighter future.

As a family-owned small business, John J. Jeffries strives to do the most good with each dollar donated. By supporting the Effective Altruism movement, we have created an efficient policy that helps reduce poverty and economic inequality without hindering our support for local family farms or our employees' ability to perform their duties at a high level. We respectfully acknowledge the specific needs of local charities, though we also respectfully decline to entertain new individual requests at this time.

The restaurant and its staff have put a lot of thought, effort, and consideration into the best ways to help people through charitable giving — local and global — and, just as importantly, to help spread the word about effective giving. To that end, please take a few moments to learn more about Effective Altruism and charitable giving at these helpful websites:

The Life You Can Save — A guide to efficient giving.

Impact Calculator — See where every dollar goes.

Give Well — Specific charities for specific needs.

Central PA Food Bank — Local food assistance programs.

Effective Altruism — Meaningful impact on a massive scale.

John J. Jeffries Restaurant in Lancaster, PA
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